Rapid action bio-immune regulators from supreme mushrooms

The power and specificity of liquid concentrated forms from contents of supreme mushrooms’ cells, firstly from cordyceps fungi, and also linchi and the fragrant mushroom, are absolute systemic preparations.

 The systemic influence of such preparations brings about fast regulation of all systems of the organism due to their unique composition. Furthermore, the natural strength of cordyceps fungi and other known curative eastern mushrooms are often increased by the original formula and by as yet unsurpassed biotechnology of manufacturing preparations on natural basis.

The ability of liquid concentrated preparations from cordyceps and other mushrooms to regulate the condition of the immune system much faster in comparison with any “dry” preparations, such as pills or capsules traditionally manufactured by means of old methods, is due to the much larger contents in them of immunomodulatory polysaccharides which were already mentioned above.

 New preparations made by “Fohow” today are the advanced achievement of global science and engineering. Its structure is complex, taking into account all scientific requirements, principles of Chinese medicine and rules of pharmacology. The special feature of these preparations is that they have gentle action and identical regulation of yin and yang.

 Under application of the given preparations the activation of processes in human cells takes place and the ageing processes are slowed down. Even preparations of other companies manufacturing similar liquid forms containing cordyceps production, have been marked by numerous international awards as very effective health improving and rejuvenating means.

 Due to newest technologies the action of the preparations greatly exceeds the action of the raw material. Only advanced methods of cell crushing and extracting substances from it (multifunctional extraction at low or sometimes high temperatures, supercritical drawing out, highly effective columnar chromatography, vacuum concentration and others) are being applied in the manufacturing process.

 The newest technologies allow for maintaining all working components to the maximum and to removing inefficient components and impurities. It raises the assimilability of the preparations by the organism, also greatly providing efficiency of action. All the “Fohow” corporation enterprises maintain constant and extremely strict control over quality of their production.

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