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Capsules VT-Heart Fohow

Absolutely natural remedy for regulation of blood lipids level

Capsules VT-Heart Fohow is a combination of Chinese and Western medicine, a natural effective and safe recipe for healing the vessels of the heart and brain.

Helps maintain blood lipid levels and blood pressure in a healthy state

  1. Helps improve blood circulation
  2. Increases the resistance of cardiac vessels to oxidation
  3. Improves the general condition of the heart and its blood vessels

Capsules VT-Heart Fohow

Classic recipe for blood vessels of the heart and brain

The combination of dried roots and sage roots with ginseng false is a traditional Chinese recipe for healing the blood vessels of the heart and brain, which is widely used in China for the production of health products.

To the basis of the classic recipe, were added the following components of the VT-Heart Fohow Capsule: 

  • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum - "a natural remedy for the regulation of blood lipids"
  • Coenzyme Q10 - "plant for the production of cardiac energy"
  • Resveratrol is the "keeper of the vessels of the heart and brain"
  • Lycopene is a "golden plant component"
  • Other medicinal herbs of Western medicine and biochemical raw materials

The main active ingredients Capsule VT-Heart Fohow:

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Extract (Gypenoside 95%)

Promotes maintenance of blood lipids, blood pressure and cardiovascular system in a healthy state. Also called "Natural remedy for regulation of blood lipids".

Danshen Root Extract (Savia Miltiorrhiza)

Extract of dried roots and rhizome of sage. Promotes maintenance of blood circulation, vasodilatation and cardiovascular functions in a healthy state.

Panax Pseudoginseng Root Extract

Extract of ginseng roots false. Contains a large amount of ginsenoside, has an auxiliary effect on the improvement of cardiac blood loss, also called "cardiac ginseng."

Hawthorn Leaf Extract

Promotes the maintenance of heart function in a healthy state, strengthens the heart muscle.

Co-Enzyme Q10

It has powerful antioxidant properties, contributes to the normalization of palpitation, is also called a "plant for the production of cardiac energy" and a "biological spark plug".

Lycopene Extract (From Tomato)

A powerful antioxidant, promotes the neutralization of free radicals, supports the cardiovascular system in young sucking.

Vitamin E

Promotes the maintenance of blood vessels in a healthy soft and elastic state, provides the heart and circulatory system with powerful antioxidant protection.


It improves blood circulation, energizes, boosts the body's immune function. Has a complex effect on increasing the hidden functions of the human body.

Safety guarantees: absolutely natural extracted composition.

Confirmation of absolute safety and no side effect:

  • The manufacturer is registered in the FDA system
  • The quality of products complies with GMP standards
  • Honorary membership in the All-American Health Association

Standard: 60 capsules / package;

Usage: 2 capsules 2 times a day, before meals.