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Complex VT-Young

• Maintaining a normal level of hormones - the simplest
  a way to prolong a woman's youth!
• Will help to return 10-20 years of youth!

• Promotes the activation of the latent potential of the female body, regulates and normalizes the production of hormones.
• Makes skin smooth and moisturized, smooths wrinkles.
• Slows down the aging process, gives youth.

Complex VT-Young Fohow
The product contains active ingredients such as ginseng, Chinese angelica, wild yam, red crow, damiana leaves, and other natural plant extracts used in western and eastern medicine. The recipe is made taking into account the optimal ratio of all active components using advanced modern biotechnologies.

The product helps to activate the latent potential of the female body, due to the optimal ratio of natural active ingredients it effectively regulates and normalizes the production of hormones.

Product action:
1. Restores the hormonal balance of the female body.
2. Reduces side effects after taking chemical hormonal drugs.
3. It avoids the unidirectional action of phytoestrogens (eg, soy isoflavone)
4. Effectively slows down the aging of the female body caused by a lack of hormones.

Also, thanks to the action of hydrolyzed collagen, it keeps the skin smooth, supple and moisturized, helps to smooth wrinkles. Has a rejuvenating effect, coming from the inside out, allows you to rejuvenate the body for 10-20 years.
The composition and action of the active components of the VT-Young Fohow complex:

It improves blood circulation, energizes, boosts the body's immune function. Has a complex effect on increasing the hidden functions of the human body.

Red Clover Flower Extract - clover extract of meadow
Promotes better preservation of bone tissue, reduces the risk of reducing bone density.

Black Cohosh Root Extract
Stabilizes body temperature, helps maintain emotional balance, reduces discomfort during the climacteric period.

Damiana Leaf Extract - Damian leaf extract
Helps maintain hormonal balance, increases
sensitivity and energy of the body.

Tomato Extract - tomato extract (source of lycopene)
It is a powerful antioxidant, helps to maintain the youthfulness of the internal organs of the female body.

Dong Quai Root Extract - Chinese root extract
Increases tone and strengthens blood, improves complexion, makes the skin smoother.

Hydrolyzed Collagen - hydrolyzed collagen
Nourishes and moisturizes the skin, returns the skin smoothness and elasticity, permanently retains youth, beauty and health.

Soy Isoflavone - soy isoflavone
Eliminates minor ailments during the climacteric period, stabilizes the level of hormones.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
Increases vitality and function of the immune system.

Improves the production of hormones, helps to improve mood and relieve stress.

Improves blood circulation, is an amino acid, essential for the health of the immune system.

Improves the state of the skeleton, increases the amount of collagen in the body, increases the strength and elasticity of the bones of the skeleton, as well as connective tissue.

Gamma Oryzanol
It helps to get rid of anxiety, reduces fragility of capillaries, improves blood circulation in peripheral vessels of the skin, improves skin condition.

Security guarantee:
Absolutely natural extracted composition.
Confirmation of absolute safety and no side effect:
The manufacturing plant is registered in the FDA system
The quality of products meets GMP standards
Honorary membership in the All-American Health Association

Standard: 60 capsules / package
How to use: 2 capsules 1 time per day

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