If you are looking for an additional opportunity to earn money which promises a great income potential without having to invest too much of your time, then we would like to invite you to consider the possibility of becoming a distributor for FOHOW products. The only requirement from your side to become a FOHOW distributor is to place a one-time order in the amount of 360 PV (about $650).

Once your total FOHOW products order amount reaches $650 and you have the firm intention to become a distributor, then please add in your shopping card in text box "Add a note to your order" the word "Distributorship". By adding this word to your order, you are telling us that you want to sign up as a distributor for the FOHOW products.

As soon as we receive your order, we will register you as a distributor with FOHOW. Hereupon we will inform you about your FOHOW distributor number and also provide you with your login details for accessing your personal distributor online account. In addition, you will receive further information about how to build up your own sales network and how to market the FOHOW products.

The FOHOW sales network is very intelligently structured and yet simple at the same time, offering on the long-term run an excellent earning potential. We will let you detailed information on how to build up your own network and on the FOHOW compensation plan.

By now there are many very successful FOHOW distributors in different parts of the world who, after having built up their own sales network, can now live comfortably from the income their network is generating, without having to invest much of their time into the actual sales of the products.

Today, FOHOW Corporation operates in more than 86 countries and regions of Europe, Asia, Africa and America, where over a thousand branches and representative offices have already been established. The company is developing steadily and is thriving in the international market. In the future, FOHOW will use the global development strategy to gradually expand their FOHOW Business map to create the most successful Health Corporation in the world and bring happiness, well-being, health and success to more people from all over the world.

If you have any questions in regard to becoming a distributor for FOHOW products, please contact us.