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Detoxification complex FOHOW VT-Cleanser

Slenderness. Health. Purity.

This product contains the psyllum seed coat, uknariyu (cat's claw), plum fiber, apple pectin, aloe, senna extract (Alexandrian leaf). Clears the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, circulatory system at the cellular level, removes toxic waste from the body, maintains a slender figure. Primary action:

• Removes toxins from the body
• Is a source of dietary fiber, supports the health of the colon and digestive system
• Maintains the health of the circulatory system of the body
• Improves the functioning of the immune system
• Supports the detoxification ability of the liver
• Stimulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract
• Promotes weight loss

Why can not I lose weight?
Many people who want to lose weight, use a variety of methods, subject themselves to limitations and tests, but ultimately do not get the desired result. Why is it so difficult to solve this problem with such advanced modern medicine?

Most people believe that the main cause of excess weight is precisely fat, so the effect of products for weight loss is aimed specifically at "burning fat." However, despite the active "fat burning", excessive fat deposits in the face, chin, waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks do not disappear anywhere. Why?

Medicine answers this question as follows: the main cause of loss of the former forms are not only fats, but also mainly toxins, the total weight of which in the human body is from 5 to 10 kg. Medical research proves that only removing excess kilograms of toxins from the body, you can return the old forms, feel younger and more confident.

What are toxins?
Improper diet and life habits lead to the accumulation in the body of a huge amount of waste products of the body, which, like a sponge, swell, increase in volume, become sticky and accumulate in problematic parts of the body. How do you think if such a "sponge" is in the waist or hip area, what will it lead to?
Toxins surround us everywhere - food, alcohol, agrochemicals, hormones, exhaust gases, smog .... Along with this, every day the human body forms toxins (exo- and endotoxins) that circulate in the blood and body fluids. Gradual deposition and accumulation of toxins in the body leads to excess kilograms and loss of the former form.
That is why, in order to lose weight and gain a harmonious figure, it is necessary first to release your body from toxins.

In what cases are toxins easily accumulated and deposited in the body?
Unbalanced nutrition is one of the key causes of the formation of toxins in the body. Irregular eating, overeating, excessive consumption of meat, protein and milk, as well as other products containing protein and animal fats, the consumption of sweet flour products, ice cream, snacks, fried and smoked food leads to the maximum rapid formation of toxins in the body. In addition, irregular sleep, smoking and drinking alcohol for a long time, excessive employment at work, are also the main reasons for the formation of toxins in the body.
In most cases, toxins accumulate in lymphatic vessels and capillaries, disrupting the circulation of fluids, which leads to swelling of the face and adversely affects the figure of a person. Comparing the map of lymph circulation in the body, we can see that puffiness arises in the places of lymphatic vessels concentration - swollen eyelids, bags under the eyes, high cheekbones, stretched cheeks, double chin ... Are the hands too full, the lower abdomen, and also the thighs in places of the highest concentration lymphatic vessels? Looking at the location of the lymph vessels on the back of the shin, we see why it is sometimes impossible to put on shoes.

The basic composition and action of the detoxification complex Fohow VT-Cleanser
Seed of psyllum seeds
It is an additional source of dietary fiber, it is converted into a gel-like mass upon contact with water and stimulates intestinal peristalsis. Supports normal levels of fats and sugar in the blood.
Extract of Unkariya (cat's claw)
It increases the immune function of the body, it is traditionally used for the healing of the kidneys and the genitourinary system.

Plum fiber
It is a source of dietary fiber, stimulates the excretion of metabolic products from the body. Plum fiber contains a huge amount of phenols and chlorogenic acid, which have a protective antioxidant effect.

Apple pectin
It is part of the non-soluble soluble fibers, supports the digestive function of the body.

Aloe vera
Contains a large number of polysaccharides, glycosides, saponins, sterols and other vitamins and minerals, normalizes metabolism in the intestine.

Senna (Alexandrian sheet)
Contains similar to Aloe glycosides of anthraquinone, which are called stannosides. Stenozides strengthen the peristalsis of the colon by stimulating its mucosa.

Cordyceps Chinese
It improves blood circulation, energizes, boosts the immune function of the body. It will give a complex effect on the increase of the hidden functions of the human body.

Standard: 90 capsules / package
How to use: 2-3 capsules daily.

Apply early in the morning to achieve maximum effect.
Guarantee of safety: absolutely natural extracted composition
Confirmation of absolute safety and no side effect:
The manufacturing plant is registered in the FDA system
The quality of products meets GMP standards
Honorary membership in the All-American Health Association